The El Camino Story

El Camino Cantina's Happy Hour is everyday from 4PM-7PM, enjoy $3 off all Margaritas and $2 off all specialty cocktails. El Camino Cantina is known for its unique Margarita and cocktail infusions. Try the Norteno to get a spicy taste of Northern New Mexico's green chile or the Rock Star, which is rimmed with bright colored Pop Rocks, the Q-Cumber Cooler is a refreshing cocktail to be enjoyed on the beautiful patio. All of El Camino Cantina's cocktails are creative creations made from late night cocktail "experimenting" or early morning "hang over cures" like the Snow Melt, a frozen margarita on top of a Dos XX. Ask for an "Aumbers" the house shot. Stay "in the know" and up to date on new and fun, cocktails at El Camino Cantina by checking back here and on our facebook page for drink specials and events.

The food at El Camino Cantina can be described as Southwestern, with international inspirations. It's always made with fresh ingredients and is never greasy or fried. The menu is simple but eclectic, and filling. The $3 beef brisket, shrimp, and turkey tacos are the perfect Happy Hour snack, made with fresh cheeses, pico de gallo, and avocado, and served on a warm flour tortilla. Try the salsa, pico de gallo, and shrimp ceviche, all full of flavor and extra spice. The spinach and blue cheese salad is crisp and fresh but the caprese salad is a house favorite, made with buffalo mozzarella, basil, heirloom tomatoes and drizzled with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette. El Camino's food is made tapas style, so you can easily sample the whole menu with friends along side any one of El Camino's signature cocktails.

Owners, Rachele Griego, Marcos Aragon, and Tori Mendes opened the doors at El Camino Cantina, April 5th, 2011. This trio came to Taos from Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008 to take over the popular Stray Dog Cantina in the Taos Ski Valley. The process to build El Camino Cantina started in October 2010 with the help of family and friends. This team worked arduously day and night to piece together every corner of the El Camino Cantina, determined to be open by spring 2011. El Camino Cantina’s theme is greatly inspired by the location, chosen specifically for the view of the main Taos drag and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.  El Camino Cantina's theme of low riders, and Chicano art is unique to Northern New Mexico and artist El Moises captures that essence through his unparalleled and vibrant pieces on display at El Camino Cantina. Griego had the privilege of meeting artist Moises in Arizona many years back, and through his art they immediately became friends. When Moises moved to Santa Fe, Griego knew that it was his work that had to go up on the walls of El Camino Cantina. "Moises is leaving his mark as a modern day artist that brings the essence of urban culture and barrio flavor to the mainstream fine art arena. The foundation of his artwork is influenced by the Chicano, American, Native American, and Mexican cultures that are reflected in his art pieces." Every corner of El Camino Cantina was built with heart and passion, and we hope that you love spending time here as much as we do.